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With over 15 years of experience managing large-scale HVAC projects ranging from multi-story towers to custom homes, it’s no wonder we get a lot of 调用 for our commercial HVAC repair and replacement 服务. At Legacy Air’s commercial division, we can design and build complete 暖通立博手机app系统s. This includes all the duct fabrication and system installations. Our technicians are all OSHA 10 or OSHA 30 compliant, which means we take safety seriously and you won’t have to worry about careless accidents on the job site. Our mechanics are certified in Nevada and we employ value engineering methods to save you money.

Our complete list of commercial HVAC 服务 in the Las Vegas area include:

Whether you own or manage a mom-and-pop shop, 一座多层的办公大楼, 大型公寓大楼, 或者是工业设施, let Legacy Air help your business achieve total comfort no matter the season.

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Every commercial property requires a high-performing and energy-efficient 暖通立博手机app系统 to keep employees, 客户, and guests comfortable and productive. 然而, there are many commercial buildings or facilities that may present challenges when it comes to installing complete 暖通立博手机app系统s. Whether the layout is unique or there are additions that don’t have ductwork, Legacy Air can help. Our local company is proud to have an in-house metal fabrication facility to help clients design and build customize duct systems, 排气或通风系统, 及其他商用配件. Discuss your metal fabrication needs with our team 今天. We can let you know about all your options and provide you with an estimate of the necessary work.

Our Commercial Contract Program

As a fellow local business, we know you have a lot on your plate. Between managing your employees and making sure your revenue is good, it’s understandable if overseeing your building’s indoor comfort is the least of your priorities. Let us make things easier on you with Legacy Air’s exclusive commercial contract program.

This agreement provides your business with:

  • 常规的 立博手机app维修 – Equipment that is cleaned regularly and has regular service is likely to be running at its peak most of the time which means it will run much longer than those without regular maintenance. 常规的 maintenance also helps to prevent small problems from becoming big problems.
  • Discounted pricing on our 服务 – We appreciate you trusting us with your maintenance needs and want to ensure you are getting the best pricing for our commercial refrigeration and 立博手机app 服务.
  • Two-year warranties on all parts – This very well be an industry-best guarantee, but we can give it because we use only factory-recommended parts and our technicians are well-trained and never take shortcuts.
  • Faster response time to our contract 客户 – Legacy Air won’t make you wait when your refrigeration equipment breaks down. You move to the top of the list as a contract customer.

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