在Legacy Air, we offer heating installation in Las Vegas for residential and 商业 属性都. Our fully licensed and insured team is trained to handle a wide variety of furnaces and heating systems, so you know we have what it takes to provide you with the top-of-the-line unit you deserve. Whether you are replacing your house’s old furnace or moving into a new home and installing a heating system for the first time, 我们保证迅速有效地工作, so you never have to go without reliable heating power for long. Most people who don’t live in this area aren’t aware that temperatures can dip as low as 27°F during the winter months. 确保你今年不会被冷落, and contact Legacy Air today for Las Vegas furnace replacement and installation you can trust.



Legacy Air understands firsthand, committing to furnace replacement can feel like a major investment. 然而, there comes a point where it may simply be more cost-efficient to install a new unit than to keep repairing your old one. Make sure to think about what’s going to be more effective for your home in the long-term, and call Legacy Air for cutting-edge options installed by experienced techs.

The most important factors to consider when deciding whether to install a new furnace are:

  • 年龄: If your current furnace or heating system is 20-years-old or older, 是时候考虑换一个人了. Even well-maintained systems don’t usually last more than 15 years, and given that your furnace is only going to perform worse the older it gets, you’re probably better off just calling our Las Vegas furnace installers for an upgrade if your system is getting up there.
  • 成本: As your furnace ages and has to work harder to heat your whole home, 它的效率会降低, forcing you to spend more on heating bills for less consistent relief. The good news is that Legacy Air offers a variety of energy-efficient replacement options, designed to provide you with the heat you need for years to come.
  • 修理: No one should be spending hundreds of dollars every year on 炉维修. Our technicians will do everything in their power to save your heating system, but if the cost of repairs is ultimately going to outweigh the cost of replacement, then there’s no reason not to just install a new furnace.

Remember, your furnace is likely to show signs when it’s time for a replacement. 噪音, 奇怪的气味, and cycling on and off or failing to turn on at all are all reasons to call our heating pros to see if you need a new unit.


The good news if you need to upgrade your furnace or heating system is that modern makes and models tend to be extremely energy-efficient. 在Legacy Air, we offer a range of cutting-edge options from industry-leading brands, designed to last longer and work better—so you can actually save on your heating bills over time. 如果你的炉子坏了,不要犹豫. 呼叫Legacy Air为您的家庭找到完美的系统.


  • 气炉: Natural gas is a very effective and energy-efficient power source for furnaces. 在Legacy Air, 我们可以为你的炉子装置安装煤气管道, 为您的新供暖系统提供所需的一切.
  • 丙烷炉: 有些房子没有天然气管道连接. 如果这是你家里的情况, 我们可以为你提供一个丙烷炉, installing a propane tank outside to power your new system.
  • 电熔炉: Electric furnaces convert electricity to thermal energy to warm your house. These units can be expensive, though they provide a clean energy source for your property. If you do not have a viable gas line and don’t want to install a propane tank, Legacy Air will happily install a new electric furnace for your home or business.


Legacy Air自豪地提供卓越的服务 融资选择, so all of our customers can afford to install a quality furnace. 我们也提供我们的退款保证,每一个工作, 这样您就可以确信我们的服务永远是一流的. 报名参加我们的 维修计划, you can now keep your new heating system functioning at peak efficiency for years to come! Call to schedule a same-day appointment with our clean and respectful technicians, and find out why 客户喜欢我们拉斯维加斯的供暖专家 为自己.


The best time to schedule an inspection and maintenance of your furnace is right now. 即使你现在不用炉子, 当你这样做的时候, you’ll want to know that it’s going to functioning properly. 我们会派一个朋友过去, 专业, certified and licensed Las Vegas heating technicians out to your home or place of business right away. We’ll inspect your furnace and make the necessary repairs so that you can stay warm in the winter and safe from any issues all year long.

To schedule a furnace repair or replacement today, contact us at (725) 237-2441, or 点击这里给我们发送在线消息.





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